We are looking for people who want to host STRANGERS

The first performance of STRANGERS was in collaboration with Vandaler Forening & Fond For Frilansere in 2016. We are currently looking for people that can host STRANGERS in 2017! 

There are three different ways you can host STRANGERS. For all options you need to have a space available and together with RukRuk Company you will find a date and time for the piece to take place. There are no requirements as to how big the space should be and there are no specifications when it comes to scenery, location or furniture. 

If you have a space and already have a group of friends, family, colleagues, neighbours or a combination of the above in mind you can host STRANGERS for this group only. We recommend groups of 8-20 people, but this can be determined individually for each host. Each guest will reserve a ticket in advance and pay for the ticket on the day of the performance.

Second option is if you simply want to share your space and let RukRuk Company gather an audience. Depending on the space each performance will have an audience of 8-20 people.

The third option is a combination of the first two. If you have a small group of friends, perhaps somewhere between 2-8 people, you can host STRANGERS with a combination of your friends and an unknown audience. Together with RukRuk Company you will find a date and time and figure out how many people you can host for the performance. RukRuk Company will take care of the rest!

As a host you will of course not pay for the ticket. RukRuk Company will schedule a visit to your space to determine the number of audience. If you want to become a part of the next performance and invite four strangers and a new audience to your home send us an email at rukrukcompany@gmail.com.

You can read more about STRANGERS here