How you communicate as a leader is closely interconnected with how you perform as a leader. Your ability to delegate, organize, inspire, mentor and so on depend on your ability to communicate, both verbally and non-verbally. In this training we will work with bringing awareness to the non-verbal communication of each participant and explore different paths to be a more efficient and communicative leader.


Program structure

At the beginning of every session we have a warm up routine. We will go through some physical exercises to stretch and prepare your body for the session. The program is focused on five different themes; body language, interpretation, analytical skills, capacity to improvise and ability to inspire.

  • Body language. We will work with postures, gestures, gazes, awareness and focus on how to develop good habits.
  • Interpretation. Reading and interpreting the gestures from others will help your intercommunication skills and make you aware of your co-workers needs. With practical exercises and examples we will improve your interpretation skills.
  • Analytical skills. In order to generate new and improved behavior we will analyze each participant’s body language and movements. You will learn how to assess your own body language and how you can develop your non-verbal communication. We will show different scenarios, which we will analyze as a group before the group will simulate similar scenarios.
  • Capacity to improvise. As a great leader it is essential to be able to solve unexpected situations with creativity and with an attitude that motivates employees, investors, partners and customers.
  • Ability to inspire. Motivating coworkers and colleagues is a part of everyday life at any workplace and as a leader you have a great opportunity to inspire others. We will focus on methods that can improve your ability to inspire and be an involved person at your workspace.

We will end each session with a relaxation routine that will help us calm down.

This workshop is for groups of 4 -10 and it is aimed at people who has leader positions at work.