Haren og Skilpadden


“Haren og Skilpadden” is a story of two very different human beings competing in an annual race. Like in the well known story we follow the hare and the tortoise through the race.

The tortoise is, as we all know, the slow one. But while she might lack the speed she is nonetheless persistent and disciplined with a steady focus. The hare on the other hand is smug and arrogant because she knows she is faster and she thinks her magnificent speed will make sure she wins the race. During the performance we will see how they approach the challenge of finishing the race with their different approaches and how they do so, in relation to each other.

This theatre piece for children contributes to the positive action of telling stories that has been told for many generations before and for more to come. We want to keep the tradition for children of today, to create a common experience. Even though we come from different backgrounds and speak different languages, we all know these stories. This brings us all together, creating a cultural link between different people.

Concept and directors:  Georgina Amat, Caroline Lea and Santiago Puente

Artistic assistent: Ivar Sverrisson

Performers: Georgina Amat, Caroline Lea

Music composed and performed by: Santiago Puente

Set and light designer: Agnethe Tellefsen    

Graphic Design: So Takahashi

Performance duration is 25 min and is suitable for children between the age of 3-8 years old. No specific language. Live music. 

With the support of Kulturrådet and the collaboration of AktivitetshusetK1 Tøyen.