RukRuk Company was founded in Oslo by a group of artists and now they work in Norway, UK and Spain. The company creates visual experiences and productions that appeal to the viewer’s senses, emotions and imagination. Their work is characterized by the physical theater and the artists’ background in theatre and dance. In an ongoing manner they experiment with their physicality, movements, actions and relationship with space in order to propagate a cultural dialogue between the performers and their audiences.

The company is founded as an artist collective with artists from different parts of the world and their artistic proposals are always influenced by this fact. Their multicultural backgrounds invite to openness for divergent cultural expressions and enrich their productions with diversity at the same time as it forms a cohesive artistic identity that can be seen in all of their work.

The company works with different kind of productions:

  • Performance in a conventional theater
  • Performance in site specific and installation

Each project is unique and is intended for specific audiences.  Some of the performances are addressed to an adult audience while others are addressed to a younger audience.

In addition to theatre productions the company also work with educational activities:

  • Drama courses
  • Physical Theatre Workshops
  • Site-Specific Workshops
  • Body Expression/ Movement courses
  • Non Verbal Communication / Body Language courses