Our workshops and classes


Everything you say is accompanied with how you carry yourself when you say it; the expression on your face, your posture, gestures and tone of voice all have an impact on your overall message. How you carry out a pause with impact in a public speech or how you position your body in front of an audience does not have to be the result of an involuntary body language driven by instincts that you have developed over a lifetime. On the contrary, it can be the result of knowledge and awareness and most importantly, it can be controlled and improved.  

With diverse classes and training programs RukRuk Company can help you communicate, present and lead more successfully. Based on our experience as actors we facilitate workshops that will improve your non-verbal communication skills.

Our training programs focus on learning how to master your body expressions, movements, gestures and postures. In our group sessions we concentrate on skill-building that increase your ability to use your body, voice, breath effectively and to understand the significance of non-verbal communicational dynamics.

With our practice from physical theater and contemporary dance we have a profound understanding about how to use your body language as an agent for intercommunication and non-verbal communication with an audience. Within these fields lie powerful tools, exercises and techniques that we use in our programs. How each session unfolds is predefined, but they can be adapted to specific challenges and goals within a group.


Our workshops in non-verbal communication are:

Body language training

Learn how to use your voice better

Develop your non-verbal communication skills as a leader

Training for teachers