A good presentation is of course only as good as the content, but a poor presentation of the content can affect the perception of it, no matter how good it is. The ability to present with confidence and the right amount of enthusiasm comes natural to some, but for many public speaking is something that must be learned and practiced in order to master. Our program will help you to control your voice, body and breathing when presenting and give you the tools to improve your performance.


Program structure

At the beginning of every session we have a warm up routine. We will go through some physical exercises to stretch and prepare your body for the session. The program is focused on four different themes; body language, breathing, vocal training and the role of being a public speaker.

  • Body language. We will work with postures, awareness, creating good habits and learn how to use the body in a neutral position.
  • Breathing. Learning how to use your breath can affect your ability to use your voice. Abdominal breathing is a great stress reliever as well, which can be helpful in public speaking.
  • Vocal training. We focus on having a clear voice, articulating and projecting to an audience. We consider how the intensity, rhythm and direction of your voice will affect your message.
  • The role of being a speaker. We work with creating a positive relationship with a given space and with an audience. Being a public speaker involves being in the spotlight, we address the attention that naturally comes with this role and how you can gain a feeling of control when presenting.

We will end each session with a relaxation routine that will help us calm down.

The program is ideally for groups of 6 - 15 and it is aimed at people who have regular presentations in front of small or big audiences.