STRANGERS is a live experience art-performance that takes place in an unfamiliar house. Time and space intersect for four strangers that meet for the first time and create a common place. Without knowing exactly why they have ended up together they try to find their place in the unknown, where each one reveals fragments of their identity in their own unique way.

While RukRuk Company embraces the diversity in which we live and the plural narratives that follows, the actors incarnate and embody the common values, fears, dreams and emotions that exist in all of us. With STRANGERS they explore the elasticity of the boundaries within an identity and what can be established from this point and forward. The performance transforms a common room, fills it up with new memories and makes it an extraordinary space.  


Concept: RukRuk Company

Director/Dramaturg: Sara Serrano

Performers: Georgina Amat, Caroline Lea, Ivar Sverrisson and Joao Pamplona

Dramaturgy Assistant: Hugo Clemente

Sound Design: Pedro Guirao

Musical collaboration: Henrik Hasfjord

Graphic Design: Lisa-Mari Stenhaug

Documentation: Cristián Weidmann