The Imperfect Adventures of Don Quijote


Don Quijote has lost his mind after reading too many books about heroic tales of knights who travelled the world in their quest for adventures. He decides that the world is in need of such a hero and takes it on his own shoulders to provide the world with the services of a proper knight. He cares for the weak and is ready to sacrifice himself while battling the unfairness in the world. His best friend Sancho Panza is his chosen companion for his outlandish adventures, of which seem to be anchored more in his own head than in the real world.  We will see how he tackles giants, true love, friendship and magical obstacles that he meets on his quest for justice.

The artists come from Spain, Portugal, Iceland and Norway and with their multicultural background they blend languages, periods and culture throughout the piece. The main language of the piece is Spanish, but by mixing keywords and sentences in English and Norwegian the performers facilitate the comprehension for those with lower level or no knowledge of Spanish.

Concept: Georgina Amat Salmerón & Ivar Örn Sverrisson

Production: Sara Serrano  

Director: Ivar Örn Sverrisson

Actors: Caroline Lea, Georgina Amat, Joao Pamplona, Magnus Kjørrefjord

Sound/video trailer: Viðar Hákon Gíslason

Costumes/Scenography: Elín Edda Árnadóttir

Script: The ensemble

Performance duration is approximately 1 hour and is suitable for ages 6 and up.