Haren og Skilpadden

-The Hare and The Tortoise-

 RukRuk Company has created an adaptation of the old fable about "The Hare and The Tortoise", where the main characters are represented as humans, living in modern times. The performance is aimed for children between the age of 3-7 years old. Our version is a visual theatre experience for the audience, due to the use of physical theater without words, and with live music from a clarinet. Read more about the performance here



Welcome to our FREE 2 days Site Specific workshop for young adults between 15-20 years old at Sentralen, 03.+ 04. of February/  14.00 - 18.00h. 

We are going to work with games and exercises and built small scenes together inspired by the space. We will guide you through the creative process and you can choose your role in it! We will use our bodies, the space, music and possibly we will make our own videoclips.

Join this fun weekend full of movement and creativity. We are looking forward to meet you and share with you our RukRuk site specific experience!

More information: https://www.sentralen.no/arrangement/gratis-to-dagers-workshop-for-ungdom

Feel free to contact us at:  rukrukcompany@gmail.com




Do you want to be our host?

We are currently looking for people that can host STRANGERS in 2018! STRANGERS is a live experience art-performance that takes place in an unfamiliar space. Read more about how to become a host here